Information & Communication Technology


The ICT vision of the school is to create a community of learners actively using ICT. One of the objectives is to provide pupils with opportunities to access, process and communicate information effectively. In line with this objective, a carefully designed programme is created to promote ICT literacy for our pupils in Chongfu. This learning path exposes the children to a world of information technology in a systematic and interesting way. Each level is tailored to each primary standard and on its completion serves as a prerequisite to the next level.

By the time our pupils leave Chongfu after PSLE, they would have acquired the necessary skills to prepare them for more challenging IT required projects or courses in the secondary and beyond.
With today’s emphasis on technology, it is imperative that our pupils have a head start in ICT. But true education means that it is necessary to venture beyond coverage of the curriculum. These ICT programmes will stimulate in the pupils an appreciation of ICT as the key to unlocking the wonders of our world and as a learning tool that can open doors to infinite opportunities. It will also provide the skills necessary for the pupils to be ICT competent learners and leaders in the future.

Primary 1

1. Introduction to Computer Desktop and Application Software
2. Touch-Typing Skills
3. AskNLearn Learning Management System (LMS) Orientation
4. Basic Microsoft Word

Primary 2

1. AskNLearn Learning Management System (LMS) Orientation
2. Basic Microsoft Powerpoint
3. Intermediate Microsoft Words
4. Mother Tongue Touch-Typing (Tamil and Chinese)
5. Introduction to Internet browsers and Internet sources
6. Introduction to Mindmapping Software

Primary 3

1. AskNLearn Learning Management System (LMS) Orientation
2. Basic Microsoft Excel
3. Intermediate Microsoft PowerPoint
4. Introduction to Google Docs and Shared Documents

Primary 4

1. AskNLearn Learning Management System (LMS) Orientation
2. Intermediate Microsoft Excel
3. Introduction to Newsmaker Software
4. Application of Google Docs and Google Research Tool

Primary 5

1. AskNLearn Learning Management System (LMS) Orientation
2. Introduction to Prezi Online Presentation Editor
3. Introduction to Wiki and Voicethread
4. Beginner Adobe Photoshop

Primary 6

1. Introduction to Adobe Flash