National Day Celebration 2018

On 8 August 2018, we gathered at Tan Kah Kee Hall to celebrate our nation’s 53rd birthday, with the theme “We Are Singapore”. On this day, Singaporeans across different generations would gather to commemorate our spirits of aspiration and perseverance against all odds, thus defining our way in life that in turn aspires others. This year’s theme celebrates our people, our nation and our home. It is a time where many individuals unite together and proclaim that “We Are Singapore”.

The first segment of the programme was the Observance Ceremony where our head prefect escorted the state flag contingent formed by uniform groups consisting of Brownies, Red Cross and Scouts.

The second segment, “Recollections” provided our students with a reflection on our past, present and future. Singapore has achieved much throughout the indomitable spirit and collective efforts of our people. Our successes in overcoming past adversities have given us much confidence to continue to succeed.

In the third segment, “Rejoice”, our various CCA groups offered the nation their well wishes through joyous and graceful performances. Our Chinese Orchestra ensemble performed two musical pieces, Viva La Vida and Chan Mali Chan. A group of Scouts came together to perform the song Singapura with the accompaniment of the kompang. Our Chinese dance and International dance troupes each put up an exciting performance to express their love for Singapore, our vibrant city. We also enjoyed a performance by Interaction Arts and Drama Network on The Gift to Our Generation. This skit brought us on a journey through Singapore’s past from the narration of our founding fathers.

The finale was our very own talented teachers leading the school in a medley of songs, including, the theme song for National Day 2018 – “We Are Singapore”. The singing sessions displayed the Singapore spirit as all teachers and students sang together in unison while waving the Singapore flag with pride. The celebration ended successfully with our common well wishes for our country’s birthday and its continuous strive towards success. The event has garnered much love and pride that we have for our nation and reminded us that we should be thankful for the stability and security of our country.

Our head prefect, Damien Cheng, escorted the state flag contingent formed by uniform groups consisting of Brownies, Red Cross and Scouts. ‘Count on me Singapore…count on me Singapore…’ Students favourite part of the NDP celebration – Community singing!
Soaring to a greater height Singapore! Clad in red and white, our Chongfu students are ready to express their love for Singapore!