Teachers’ Day

Much like flowers in a garden, our teachers brighten up our school and bloom in our hearts. On 30 August 2018, the school celebrated Teachers’ Day 2018. The theme for this year’s celebration is Our Teachers, The Flowers! It was a day we paid special tribute to all our teachers who have contributed greatly to get us to where we are today. Our teachers do far more than just teaching us academically! They also never hesitate to help us whenever we run into any problems. In addition, they are always there to motivate us when we feel like giving up.

A dance performance by Tan Yi Jing from 6 Sincere. She danced to a song entitled “The Fight Song” which is one of the most inspirational songs; a song that often reminds us not to give up and to always believe in ourselves.

Poem recital by the P5 Prefects entitled “You Have Made a Difference” which is originally a song written by Brian Asselin and Eric Disero as a tribute to teachers around the world.

Parent volunteers of PASSION in action.

The PASSION members put together tokens of appreciation in the form of handmade flowers for the teachers.