Programme for Active Learning (PAL)

Objectives of PAL:

  • Provides students with broad exposure to a range of sports and arts programmes in a fun and creative manner
  • Nurtures students to be confident, arouse their curiosity of their surroundings and instil cooperation skills
  • Creates authentic socialisation experiences for acquisition of SE competencies and facilitate holistic development


There are 4 domains to be completed in a year. They are Outdoor Education (OE), Performing Arts (PA), Visual Arts (VA) and Sports and Games (S&G).

Domain Primary 1 Primary 2
Outdoor Education Our senses Environment around me
Performing Arts Our feelings through Music At the parks
Visual Arts Colours of Emotions Social network
Sports and Games I like to move it, move it! Alice in Wonderland

Each domain consists of 7 lessons, conducted over 4 periods. Learning resources and activities planned aim to develop the students in building their confidence, strengthening their social awareness and relationship management skills.

Through each lesson, students will learn more about themselves and their friends, and experience authentic socialisation experiences which allow them to acquire important life skills that will hold them in good stead in the future.

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