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As part of our Character Development and Enrichment programme to prepare our children for the challenges of a globalised world, the school organizes various educational and cultural overseas learning journeys with the following objectives:

– Pique interest in the learning of other cultures
– Widen understanding and appreciation of the different cultures, values, history and geography
– Translate their textbook knowledge to experiential learning overseas
– Learn e-communication strategies via different platforms such as blogs and facebook
– Develop basic skills in observation and strengthen penmanship skills through reflective journal writing
– Develop independence, resilience and adaptability
– Promote team bonding and develop self discipline
– Broaden global vision

Below are some blogs of previous overseas learning journeys:

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Chongfu Combined Uniform Groups Overseas Activities Blog
Chongfu Primary 4 Tainan Trip 2009
Chongfu Primary 5 Suzhou Trip 2010
Chongfu School Taiwan Trip 2012
Chongfu School Hangzhou Trip 2012
Chongfu School Suzhou Trip 2012
Chongfu School Beijing Trip 2012
Chongfu School Hong Kong Trip 2012

Beijing, China Visit

Taipei, Taiwan Trip

Perth, Australia Visit