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Mathematics Department

“Making Math Simple, Making Math Fun and Making Math Meaningful.”

  • Math Made Simple
    • Strong Basics
      • Mastering concepts & skills at different developmental stages
      • Developing strategies and approach to solving Math problems
  • Math Made Fun
    • Early Success
      • Building students’ confidence + motivation
      • Cultivating interest in Math learning
  • Math Made Meaningful
    • Steady Progress
      • Developing students’ learning with understanding
      • Providing meaningful learning experience


As the saying goes, “Mathematics is not about numbers, equations, computations or algorithms: it is about understanding. – W. P. Thurston”, hence in Chongfu School, we aim to groom students who are able to think logically, abstractly, critically and creatively. These are the important 21st Century Competencies that we must imbue in our students, so that they can lead a more productive life and be life-long learners.

Mathematics is undeniably part of our daily lives, from making sense of simple information on the whiteboard to making informed decisions about personal finances. Calculations, measurements, interpretation of graphs and analysing statistical data require a good understanding of Math.

The Mathematics Framework

The Mathematics Framework

The Mathematics Framework

The mathematics framework has been a feature of Singapore’s mathematics curriculum since 1990, and is still relevant to date. The central focus of the framework is mathematical problem solving, that is, using mathematics to solve problems.