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Malay Department

Mother Tongue Languages (MTL) Reading Programme

Our MTL Reading Programme aims to build a strong foundation in the Mother Tongue Languages by exposing our students to different genres of writing and fostering a love for reading. A ‘Reading Passport’ is given to each student to track his/ her reading progress through a variety of activities. The passport also guides them to select appropriate books to read and after each term, they will be able to redeem bookmarks as rewards for completing the activities.

During MTL lessons, our students enjoy a myriad of reading activities, which include storytelling, book recommendations, and the making of animal bookmarks and paper puppets etc. Outstanding pieces of work from our students are then selected and showcased at our Media Resource Library.

To further raise awareness of the importance of reading, the MTL Department organised the Bookmark Design & Creativity Competition last year, which received overwhelming participation from our students.


Malay Language Committee Activities 2013



I Read Programme (Program Saya Membaca)

Varieties of story books of different genres have been bought for Primary 1 to Primary 6 Malay Language pupils. Program Saya Membaca aims to develop and inject the love for reading of Malay Language books.


Comments from participants:

‘I like to read the Siri Jenaka Popular series.’ – Dina Insyirah, 3 Innovative

‘Reading Malay story books improve my Malay Language usage.’ – Ahmad Taufiq, 4 Gracious


Proverbs Practice (Peribahasa Pagi)

Primary 3 and Primary 6 pupils are encouraged to attend this programme every morning between 7 a.m. and 7.10 a.m. to answer the meaning or proverbs or vice versa, to encourage memory work. Pupils who are able to answer a set of questions will be excused to attend for the week whereas others will have to attend throughout the week.

Comments from participants:
‘This programme made me more focus in memorizing proverbs.’ – Siti Zubaidah, 3 Innovative

‘I treat this as challenge so that I will be excused much earlier than my friends.’ – Muhammad Lutfil Hazieq, 6 Loyal


Tracking for Words (Jejak Kata)

Tracking for Words is a technique to use the Malay dictionary for Primary 3 to Primary 6 Malay Language pupils. Jejak Kata aims to develop frequent and efficient usage of the Malay dictionary through games.

Comments from participants:
‘It is fun!’ – Muhamad Amann, 5 Respectful

‘I am able to search words for meaning or spelling quicker without having to ask for my teacher’s assistance.’ – Nur Elmira, 6 Observant


Mother Tongue Language Fortnight Part 1 (Pesta Bahasa Chongfu)

Mother Tongue Fortnight Part 1 was conducted in Term 2. Pesta Bahasa Chongfu aims to develop the love for the Malay Language among pupils.

Comments from participants:
‘I like singing with my friends.’ – Ulfah, 1 United

‘We had fun advertising our product!’ – Irra Umairah & Nurfaizah, 5 United


Mother Tongue Language Fortnight Part 2 (Pesta Budaya Chongfu)

Mother Tongue Fortnight Part 2 was conducted in Term 3. Pesta Budaya Chongfu aims to create awareness and to practice the Malay culture among pupils.

Comments from participants:
‘I like to eat kuih makmur and kuih bangkit.’ – Muhammad Ansar, 2 Caring

‘Writing Hari Raya card to my friend was great.’ – Siti Nurriyani, 4 Innovative


Mass Borrowing @ MRL (Pinjam Buku Lambak di Perpustakaan)

Mass Borrowing @ MRL was organized by the Library Committee. Pinjam Buku Lambak di Perpustakaan aims to encourage pupils to borrow the Malay story books brought by the National Library Board at the Media Resource Library.

Comments from participants:
‘I have received a gift for borrowing eight Malay story books.’ – Putra Syahril, 3 Caring

‘I look forward to next year’s mass borrowing programme.’ – Nur Azizie Adrieana, 5 Achieving


Learning Using ICT (Pembelajaran Canggih)

Learning Using ICT attracts pupils to learn the Malay Language in a fun interactive way. Pembelajaran Canggih aims to encourage pupils to learn the Malay Language using the MS Power Point, MS Word, AsknLearn (Learning Management System), iMTL Portal, Vocarro, Padlet and many more.

Comments from participants:
‘I am able to read instant comments in AsknLearn after my oral conversation practice.’ – Muhammed Raiyan, 6 Loyal

‘My friends contributed ideas by typing them via Padlet.’ – Muhammad Ilhan, 3 Achieving


Malay Cultural Camp (Pesta Budaya Chongfu)

The Malay Cultural Camp was organised for Primary 3 to Primary 6 Malay Language pupils in Term 4 as a post exam programme. Pesta Budaya Chongfu aims to expose pupils to the Malay musical instruments and to engage pupils in active in learning of the Malay culture.

Comments from participants:
‘I played angklung for the first time.’ – Farzad, 6 United

‘Kompang was my favourite instrument.’ – Nurin Qistina, 3 Innovative



N2 Cluster PLT Sharing of Best Practices in ML Teaching & Learning (Primary) (Sesi Perkongsian Kelompok Utara 2)

Chongfu School was given the opportunity to host the N2 Cluster PLT Sharing of Best Practices in ML Teaching & Learning (Primary) 2013, in Term 2. Sesi Perkongsian Kelompok Utara 2 aims to encourage ML teachers from N2 Cluster schools to promote and share best practices of classroom teaching.

Comments from participants:
‘Although I am a Beginning Teacher, I learned a lot from this sharing session.’ – Cikgu Nur Humaira

‘Other schools commended on our sharing on P6 Oral Conversation technique.’ – Cikgu Nor Adilah


Malay Language Seminar (Seminar Bahasa Melayu)

Chongfu School was invited by the Malay Language Centre of Singapore (MLCS) to display the unique teaching and learning of the Malay Language Composition in the Malay Language Seminar 2014: ‘Menggunakan Model Metakognitif dalam Pengajaran dan Pembelajaran Penulisan Karangan Bergambar (Darjah 3 hingga 6)’. Seminar Bahasa Melayu aims to provide a national sharing platform for teachers to showcase or share their unique yet effective of teaching and learning materials of the Malay Language.

Comments from participants:
‘I have the opportunity to share what I have learnt in school.’ – Putri Salsabila, 6 United

‘Several Malay Language teachers, including Senior Teachers from other schools gave positive reviews about our unique strategy.’ – Cikgu Nor Adilah



National Poetry Recitation (Pesta Syair)

4 participants from Primary 4 and Primary 5 took part in the National Poetry Recitation 2013, organized by Geylang Serai Community Centre. Pesta Syair aims to provide a platform for primary school pupils to showcase their poetry talent.

Comments from participants:
‘I did not expect to be the champion!’ – Muhammad Idris, 5 United

‘I’ll train harder for next year’s competition.’ – Uzma Humaira, 4 Gracious


Northern Malay Language Fiesta (Pesta Bahasa Utara)

Participants from Primary 1 to Primary 6 took part in the Northern Malay Language Fiesta 2014, organized by North 2 (N2) Cluster PLT (ML) Primary School, Co-chaired by Cikgu Mohamed Hizammuddin. Pesta Bahasa Utara aims to provide a platform for primary school pupils to showcase their talent in Malay literature for children.

Comments from participants:
‘My P2 friends and I won the Cerita Rakyat category!’ – Asheefa Anees Hameed, 2 Respectful.

‘I’ll put in more effort so that I can be the champion next year!’ – Muhammad Kabir, 5 United