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PE/CCA Department

PE Department (Programmes)


“The purpose of physical education is to enable students to demonstrate individually and with others the physical skills, practices, and values to enjoy a lifetime of active, healthy living.” (adapted from PE syllabus 2014)

Aligning to the PE syllabus 2014, Chongfu school emphasises on movement education and educate the child through the following 3 modes:

  • Education in movement
  • Education through movement; and
  • Education about movement

With movement education, students will acquire fundamental motor skills and movement concepts which lay a strong foundation in learning sports related skills. With the emphasis on application in developmentally appropriate physical activities and sport, students will be competent in their skills and be intrinsically motivated to take part in physical activities. This developmental approach allows students to experience success in physical activities and adopt an active lifestyle from young. Lifelong learning will then be achieved when students continue to be active in their adulthood


When designing the school’s PE department programme, the PE and CCA department is strongly guided by inclusivity. With the guiding principle of inclusivity, students’ mass participation is the key area of focus for our department.

CCA List

Uniformed Groups:


Brownies                                                                                     Red Cross                                          Scouts


Performing Arts:


Guzheng                                                                 Festive Drums                                                                   Chinese Orchestra            


Modern Contemporary Dance                                  Malay Dance  


Clubs and Society:


English Club                                               Chinese Club                                                                         ICT Club


Art Club                                                              Environment Club           


Sports and Games:



Athletics Club                                                                   Wushu                                                                              Floorball



Table Tennis                                                                       Fun and Fitness