Parents Assisting School Successfully


Investing in the future of Our Nation’.



Our PASSION aims to:

  • serve as a bridge between school and parents

  • strengthen relationships among parents and share parenting tips

  • support the school in creating a conducive learning environment for our children

  • develop positive attitudes and social behaviour in our children through showing support and interest in their school life

  • provide school with constructive and valuable feedback

  • foster close ties with the school through supporting school programmes

Our 2019 PASSION Executive Committee (EXCO)


Our 3 WINGS:





WHAT WE DO? Impart knowledge and expertise to the school:

  • Read / tell interesting stories to students

  • Help our students improve in Mathematics (PSM)

  • Share about our profession with students during ECG Fair

  • IT (website enhancements) / Infrastructure



WHAT WE DO? Plan and organise bonding activities for PASSION members, Chongfu staff, parents and students:

  • Well-being activities

  • Bonding activities

  • Learning journeys

Past activities include:

  • Yoga

  • Clay workshop

  • Zumba

  • Factory tour

  • Visit to Gardens by the Bay

  • Potluck get-together + games

  • Flower craft workshop

  • BBQ gathering + games





WHAT WE DO? Provide personnel and programme support of school events and activities:

Past and recurring events and activities support include:

  • CNY Classroom Decoration Contest

  • Level learning journeys

  • Food donation drive

  • Games Day

  • UNSW ICAS Math / English / Science Competitions

  • P1 Orientation Day

  • Classroom Cleanliness Award

  • Library / Once Upon A Time / Chongfu Grace duties

(3) Dads@Chongfu


WHAT WE DO? Organise activities and events to help father-child bonding:

Past activities include:

  • Sleepover with Dad (December 2018)

  • Forest Adventure with Dad (March 2019)

  • Sleepover at RWS S.E.A. Aquarium (June 2019)