Chongfu School Booklist 2019

By Dewi | 20th November 2018

Please click on the link below for Chongfu Booklist 2019. CFS Booklist 2019

I Can Lead Brownies Camp 2018

By Dewi | 19th September 2018

Teachers’ Day

By Dewi | 13th September 2018

Much like flowers in a garden, our teachers brighten up our school and bloom in our hearts. On 30 August 2018, the school celebrated Teachers’ Day 2018. The theme for this year’s celebration is Our Teachers, The Flowers! It was a day we paid special tribute to all our teachers who have contributed greatly to…

National Day Celebration 2018

By Dewi | 27th August 2018

On 8 August 2018, we gathered at Tan Kah Kee Hall to celebrate our nation’s 53rd birthday, with the theme “We Are Singapore”. On this day, Singaporeans across different generations would gather to commemorate our spirits of aspiration and perseverance against all odds, thus defining our way in life that in turn aspires others. This…

Packing List for P6 Camp

By Jonathan Ng Min Zhou | 28th May 2018

Dear parents, Please click the link below to download the packing list for P6 Camp. Thank you. P6 Camp iNspire Packing List